"Engrossing, imperfect characters in a riveting intergalactic tale" - Kirkus Reviews

A sinister plot threatens the remote colony on planet Gamma Ceti and only two alienced students have a chancel to unravel the conspiracy . . .

Book Stories

When you’re lucky, a good book is about more than the story within its pages. Sometimes it’s about the story surrounding the book itself – the specific, individual copy that wound up in your hands. If you could tell the story of one of your favorite books, how would it go?

Did you go hunting for it, or did it fall into your possession by happenstance? Was it inherited from a loved one? Left behind after an ex moved out? Discovered by chance at a flea market?

And what was happening in your life when you acquired it? What memories do you still associate with the first time you read it? Or the second time? Or the third?

Visit my blog to share some of my book stories, and more . . .

Nemo West’s debut: the Curious Conspiracy on Gamma Ceti

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