About the Author

Adventure has always fascinated Nemo, whether his heroes soar among the stars, probe the depths of haunted caverns, or triumph over the cruelty of everyday villains. Inspiration came from writers such as Harlan Ellison, Robert E. Howard, and Jack London. In addition, many non-literary sources also fed his imagination, from Gene Rodenberry to George Lucas to Gary Gygax.

Nemo lives in Saint Louis with his college sweetheart, now wife of fifteen years, and their three young daughters. In his writing, he strives to create female characters that his daughters could admire. He has degrees in World Literature and Culinary Arts, and has spent almost two decades in medical device sales and marketing, which he realizes is not an intuitive career path, but where we start a journey is rarely where it ends. His hobbies include cooking, gaming, and cleaning up after his children (again? Seriously? We just straightened all this up an hour ago).

He enjoys good burgers and good bourbon. He’s handy in the kitchen, and packs lunches for his daughters every week. Throughout his life, he’s also remained a devoted student of the storytelling craft.

Nemo West’s Debut: The Curious Conspiracy on Gamma Ceti
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